Comparison Series: DPGO vs Beyond

The battle of pricing tools with a comprehensive comparison between DPGO and Beyond. Discover the unique capabilities and strengths each platform brings to the world of dynamic pricing and revenue management.
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In the latest post in our Comparison Series, we’re talking about the true dynamic pricing giant! This week, it’s Beyond Pricing, now known simply as ‘Beyond’. 

The rest of this series covered Wheelhouse, AirDNA, PriceLabs, and Airbnb Smart Pricing. Each provides unique features for Airbnb hosts and short-term rental managers.

Beyond stands as one of the largest players in the vacation rental industry. We hold immense respect for their business and the robust search data they utilize. While we offer similar, focusing on local demand, there are subtle differences in our features.

Many pricing engines on the market today come with hefty price tags. However, we pride ourselves on offering a more cost-effective solution. Our pricing model, which differs significantly from Beyond’s, is something we’ll delve into later.

For now, let’s focus on the comparison: DPGO vs Beyond Pricing, examining their approaches to pricing recommendations and booking revenue management for property managers.

Updated DPGO Competitor Analysis Chart

More About DPGO

Primarily, DPGO is a dynamic pricing engine that aims to win the highest price possible for every Airbnb booking. We monitor and control a wide range of differentiating factors including exchange rates, local events, flight patterns, competitor listings, market surges, and changes in booking patterns.

AI-Driven Software

One of the best things about our software is its ability to learn and grow, helping you grow and keep revenue. Enriched with deep-learning capabilities, it becomes more accurate with every price forecast. Markets often operate in semi-cyclical sequences.

DPGO can forecast, track, monitor, and adapt to these patterns, ensuring your revenue management is seamless, all without you ever needing to lift a finger. Thus, we can quickly react to changes in the market without missing a beat. 

Performance Dashboards

An additional feature that we offer is our beloved Performance Dashboard, of which we are so proud. The Performance Dashboard acts as a homepage for DPGO users. We filled it with important information displays, informative graphs, forecasts, and live analytics reporting. 

Increase your revenue by using DPGO software


People also love our Markets feature. We know that not everyone will want to make use of price management tools, so we decided to create a user-friendly free short-term rental market analytics tool to show potential Airbnb owners and property investors the sorts of insights that we can offer.

It also includes a map, Health Scores, daily rates, occupancy averages, and more. For a practical example, check out how this tool works with the San Francisco market here!

DPGO's Markets feature helps Airbnb hosts, real estate investors and property owners to get grow.

Personal Adjustments

DPGO offers our users the opportunity to make personal adjustments to their pricing strategies. There are so many personalization options available, with adjustable features like Base Prices, minimum night stays, seasonal price fluctuations, and discounts.


Hostfully, Hostaway, and iGMS are just a few of our partners. Our list of connections is constantly growing so stay tuned!

Dynamic Pricing Tool for Airbnb Hosts

More About Beyond

Beyond Pricing is a revenue management solution for real estate investors, short-term owners, and managers to get, grow, and maintain a steady revenue stream. The company made its name in pricing recommendations services for short-term rentals and, just like DPGO, the recommendations that they create rely on the collection and relevant analysis. 

Short-Term Rental Management Platform

On the Beyond Pricing website, it says “Pricing was just the start. We quickly discovered that there was so much more missing in the short-term rental management ecosystem.”

So the company grew its business to include: website-building capabilities, forecasting, informed support, data-based projections, and the ability to sync calendars. 


Beyond Pricing offers market intelligence insights, but it only considers information that is specific to a listing’s surrounding area. The company is integrated with the majority of the leading industry vacation rental management systems including Guesty, Hostaway, Hostfully, Hostify, LiveRez, and

Determine which platform works better for your Airbnb account

Service Pricing Comparison: DPGO vs Beyond


The platform offers dynamic competitor analysis, in-depth market analytics, and more all included in one subscription plan. As a DPGO user, you can choose between two pricing plans: 0.5% of a booking’s value or $1 per booked night.

This figure does not change based on the number of listings that you optimize through DPGO, even if you manage over 100 properties. 

Beyond Pricing

It is the most expensive market option, but they do not offer the best features. Beyond’s pricing model is set at 1% of a booking’s value. Beyond’s 1% pricing scheme includes market and competitor analysis.

DPGO Pricing — What We Charge for a property

How Do They Compare?

DPGO and Beyond offer very similar services, but there are a few differences. 

Firstly, we display our listing analytics in our Performance Dashboard, and the data we display is specifically relevant to your property listing. This makes our design more visual and a much better way to display data. Beyond Pricing displays its listing analytics in the Portfolio section and there is no particular emphasis on your listing specifically. 

DPGO offers four predefined strategies as well as the option to build your own. Beyond does not offer predefined strategies but does offer its users the option to create their own. 

We also offer local vacation rental data specific to your listings and free greater analytics via ‘Markets’, whereas Beyond Pricing only offers a small selection of neighborhood data. 

DPGO also offers date availability management, while Beyond does not. Beyond offers website-building capabilities, and DPGO does not. Weekend adjustments must be made manually on the Beyond interface, but DPGO automates this process. We also offer 16 hours per day of live support for customers, while Beyond does not. 

Both offer a free 30-day trial and they also both forecast and update prices up to a year in advance.

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