Earn More in Peak Season with a Vacation Rental Pricing Strategy

Believe it or not, your vacation rental pricing strategy is as important in the off-season as it is in the peak season. Let’s jump straight in and start our guide on how to maximize your revenue and occupancy with smarter decision-making and a clear vacation rental pricing strategy. 
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As a vacation rental property owner, enhancing your Airbnb rental income is crucial, especially during peak seasons. Implementing smart, dynamic pricing is key to this endeavor. According to, “About 60% of your potential income comes from the intrinsic value of your property, location, and amenities. The other 40% is dependent upon implementing an effective Airbnb pricing strategy.”

Let’s delve into the essentials of a robust vacation rental pricing strategy. Utilizing dynamic pricing tools can revolutionize earnings, particularly in high-demand periods. Our team at DPGO, comprised of seasoned vacation rental property managers, is here to guide you. We aim to empower you with strategies to maximize income, secure more bookings, and optimize your property’s revenue potential.

Maximizing Earnings with Strategic Vacation Rental Pricing

In this guide, we’ll explore how adjusting prices in response to local market trends, upcoming holidays, and local events can significantly affect demand for your rental. We’ll also discuss how leveraging market research and dynamic pricing tools can lead to optimal nightly rates, ensuring your vacation rentals remain competitive yet profitable.

Whether managing multiple properties or focusing on a single rental, understanding how to set prices dynamically to reflect high-demand seasons, slow seasons, and other factors can dramatically increase your occupancy and overall income.

Prepare to unlock the full revenue potential of your short-term rentals through effective pricing strategies, special discounts for last-minute bookings, and adjustments for the slow season to ensure steady income year-round.

Keep your operational costs for your property in order

How to Earn More with a Clear Vacation Rental Pricing Strategy

1. Start Seasonal Pricing Early

As one peak season wraps up, savvy property owners should pivot to strategizing for the next season’s pricing. Seasonal pricing for vacation rentals isn’t just a guesswork game; it’s influenced by a myriad of factors: competitor pricing, market supply and demand, the health of the overall market, and even exchange rates.

The cornerstone of successful property managers is their preparation and market research. Evaluating how your vacation rental income and occupancy rates compared to competitors last season is crucial. If your vacation rentals had fewer bookings due to high nightly rates, it’s a sign your pricing may have deterred potential guests, pushing them towards more competitively priced options.

Adjust prices based on the local market data provided by DPGO

For DPGO users, the era of manually updating prices for each season is over. Set your pricing strategies—minimum nightly rate, base price, and maximum price—and let DPGO tailor your short-term rental pricing within those limits. Our Seasonality Adjustment feature enables you to modify prices by season, aiming to maximize rental income through dynamic pricing strategies.

If uncertain about the optimal pricing structure, follow DPGO’s recommendations. By entering different prices for minimum, base, and maximum rates, you empower us to adjust your listing’s nightly rates dynamically. This approach ensures your vacation rentals remain competitive, attracting more bookings and more guests, ultimately boosting your rental income.

2. Set Minimum Night Stays

Experienced Airbnb hosts will know the importance of setting minimum stays. While this isn’t explicitly part of your vacation rental pricing strategy, it does affect your revenue. Requiring a minimum number of nights for a booking will protect you from only having one and two-night stays, sporadically spaced over your calendar. 

Most listings increase their minimum night stay requirement over peak periods as it means larger portions of their calendars are covered. They also do not need to spend large amounts of money on cleaning fees for one-night bookings.

Revenue management with DPGO

If you add in a minimum night stay, your listing is competitively priced and you are still not getting bookings, you can always relax these restrictions.

3. Be Mindful of Fees in Your Vacation Rental Pricing Strategy

Guests do not just compare your daily rate. They also look at the total cost, including fees. As part of your vacation rental pricing strategy, you should be using your fee structure in an optimized way. 

Drastically lowering your nightly rate and making up for it in fees is not the best way forward. Nobody wants to pay a $150 cleaning fee for a three-night stay. Your flat nightly rate is not the only number that can scare bookings away. Remember that!

4. Plan for Local Events

Aside from peak season, booking rates in your local area can increase when a big event is taking place in the vicinity. Your short-term rental revenue will benefit if you price more competitively for these busy periods. It’s commonplace in the vacation rental industry to increase prices for periods of higher booking rates.

The dates of big local events certainly qualify. Analyze what your competitors are charging, look at hotel rates for those dates, and try to position yourself to attract bookings. Interestingly, some hosts decide to block off important dates well in advance to better understand their competitors’ pricing. They only unblock those dates once they have a better understanding of the prices for that season.

We're experts in local market data, and we've put all of the data points you'll need in your account's Performance Dashboard.

Again, if you’re a DPGO user, then you’ll know that we take care of these pricing decisions for you. Our dynamic pricing tool allows you to optimize your vacation rental pricing strategy without skipping a beat! You won’t need to block any dates in your calendar because our dynamic pricing software uses a combination of historical market data and machine-learning predictions to find the right price for your listing up to one year in advance.

5. Last-Minute Discounts

Incorporating last-minute discounts is a great way to keep competitive pricing and encourage a booking in the last few days before the desired check-in. If you lower your prices to encourage a last-minute booking, your listing will be more attractive to potential guests. There is also the added booking cancellation consideration. As these secure bookings are made very close to check-in, the host is protected by the majority of Airbnb’s cancellation policies.

Renters looking for the sweet spot between price, location, and amenities. In the vacation rental business, how you compare to your competition is key. The market conditions need to be just right to secure a booking for your rental vacation home. By adding a discount to fast-approaching, unbooked dates in your calendar, vacation rental owners can increase their revenue and occupancy rates.

Set discounted rates with the help of DPGO and improve your short term rental pricing

Wait for a second, how can offering a discount help to maximize revenue and play into a greater vacation rental pricing strategy? In the simplest of terms, any booking is better than no booking. Especially when you use DPGO and you’ve set a minimum price! Adding a minimum price means that we will never set your prices lower than the value you set. Calculate the variable costs of running your listing and make sure you set your minimum price no lower than that figure.

Dynamic Pricing Tool for Airbnb Hosts

How Can DPGO Help Perfect Your Vacation Rental Pricing Strategy?

Our dynamic pricing tool analyzes market conditions in real time to find the right price for the right guest and the exact right time. Unlike most algorithms, DPGO has the power to learn more with every pricing prediction and recommendation. We incorporated machine learning and yield management to create the most comprehensive, intelligent, and advanced pricing tool on the market today.

We understand the principles of real estate and making a success of any vacation rental property. Because we know that the vacation rental market is a tricky thing to navigate, we created DPGO! Pricing no longer needs to be the thing that you worry about at night. Our data-driven market insights will keep your prices competitive 24/7, 365 days per year.

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