Discover the Best Areas for Vacation Rentals in Australia

Vacation rentals in Australia are becoming increasingly popular among investors. As we enter 2024, the market is booming. With diverse destinations, the potential for high returns is significant. In this guide, we explore the best places for your investment. Understanding the latest trends is crucial, so let's dive into the lucrative world of the best Australian markets to invest in.
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Vacation rentals in Australia continue to attract attention, driven by a robust tourism sector. The average price of vacation rentals reflects their growing appeal, especially in popular vacation destinations. Moreover, with an increasing availability index, the market for Australian vacation rentals is ripe for investors, and the market for Australian vacation rentals is ripe for investors. The demand for unique accommodations in Australian cities underscores this potential.

Unlike traditional house rentals, vacation rentals offer lucrative seasonal pricing models. This flexibility boosts income during peak times like the summer beach season or winter holidays. An ideal vacation rental can command higher nightly rates than standard long-term accommodation, particularly in sought-after locations such as Gold Coast City or Sunshine Coast Regional.

Impact of Tourism and International Events

The allure of destinations like the Great Barrier Reef, Royal National Park, and Kakadu National Park draws tourists worldwide. Australia’s accommodation options, especially vacation rentals, benefit significantly. Events like international surf competitions or cultural festivals in these areas spike the need for short-term rentals. For instance, cities like Sydney become hotspots for tourists wishing to visit Sydney landmarks, thereby driving up the rent for nearby vacation rentals.

The appeal extends to unique experiences such as watching koala bears in their natural habitat or enjoying the pristine waters of Kings Beach.

The appeal extends to unique experiences such as watching koala bears in their natural habitat or enjoying the pristine waters of Kings Beach. Consequently, the ideal rental in these regions sees a high turnover, making them prime spots for investment. Overall, Australia’s natural beauty, vibrant cities, and world-class events create a perfect storm for the vacation rental market.

Sydney is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia

Unveiling Australia’s Airbnb Market Potential

Australia’s short-term rental (STR) market presents substantial opportunities for Airbnb investors, showing signs of a robust and growing sector, driven by unique regional trends and a significant increase in market demand.

The STR market in Australia has experienced significant growth, particularly noticeable in the supply of listings on platforms like Airbnb. Over the last 18 months, there has been a 25% increase in Airbnb accommodations, with a total of 166,000 properties as of mid-2023.

This growth ranks Australia tenth globally in terms of Airbnb listings. New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland are the leading markets, with Sydney and Melbourne being the most significant contributors to this surge.

The STR sector in Australia has made a notable economic contribution, generating over $1 billion in revenue and supporting more than 40,000 full-time jobs. This growth is mirrored in the demand for STRs, which has more than doubled over the past two years in key Australian cities. The revenue potential is particularly high for properties capable of accommodating larger groups or offering unique amenities.

Airbnb vacation rentals in Melbourne with prominent landmarks and a vibrant city atmosphere

Strategic Implications for Investors

For Airbnb investors, the growing Australian STR market offers promising opportunities, especially if they can leverage data-driven revenue management strategies and optimize their listings according to market demands. The trends indicate a stabilization of supply growth, which, combined with continued demand, is expected to lead to higher average daily rates (ADRs) and occupancy rates.

Investors should focus on markets with high growth potential, such as Sydney and Melbourne, and consider the seasonal variations in demand to optimize pricing strategies. For a more in-depth analysis and specific insights tailored to different regions and vacation rentals in Australia, investors should explore detailed market reports and forecasts.

Top 10 Australian Airbnb Markets To Invest In

In 2024, specific Australian locations emerge as prime spots for investment in vacation rentals in Australia, showing notable market growth and tourism interest. These areas offer unique travel experiences, high demand for accommodations, and promising returns for investors.

They stand out for their distinctive attractions, natural beauty, and visitor appeal, making them lucrative for short-term rental businesses. As we delve into these locales, we’ll explore their potential for investors looking to capitalize on Australia’s thriving vacation rental market.

Gold Coast City

Gold Coast City, a prime destination for vacation rentals in Australia, offers stunning beaches and renowned surf spots, drawing tourists globally. Its fame extends to family-friendly theme parks such as Sea World and Warner Bros. Movie World, enhancing its appeal as a top holiday spot.

This constant tourist influx ensures robust demand for various accommodations, from luxury beachfront vacation homes to cozy apartments, elevating the region’s status in the Australia accommodation sector.

Property owners benefit from high rental availability information, competitive rates per night, and sought-after amenities, making it a lucrative area for investment in house rentals and vacation rentals.

Median Occupancy Rate: High demand with an average occupancy rate of 89%.

Average Daily Rate: AUD 274.

Number of Active Rentals: Around 6,500 properties.

Main OTA: Airbnb.

Popular Accommodations and Rental Size: Two-bedroom apartments near the coast.

Gold Coast market shows a high demand for an apartment rent

Sunshine Coast Regional

Sunshine Coast Regional, renowned for its pristine beaches, scenic hinterlands, and relaxed lifestyle, is a prime location for vacation rentals in Australia. The region attracts tourists seeking tranquility, natural beauty, and outdoor activities, boosting demand for vacation homes and apartments.

With diverse accommodations, from beachfront houses to secluded rainforest retreats, this area offers unique experiences for visitors, making it an attractive market for Australian accommodation investments, particularly in rentals in Australia that capitalize on the scenic vistas and serene environment.

Median Occupancy Rate: The occupancy rate averages 86%.

Average Daily Rate: ADR stands at AUD 294.

Number of Active Rentals: More than 6,200 properties.

Main OTA: Airbnb.

Popular Accommodations and Rental Size: Two-bedroom and three-bedroom houses close to the beach.

Australia vacation rentals data for Sunshine Coast Regional


Sydney, a vibrant city known for its iconic Opera House and panoramic views of mountain ranges and bays, is a top destination for vacation and trip enthusiasts. The city offers a variety of accommodation options, from luxury house rentals to pet-friendly apartments, ensuring every traveler finds their ideal vacation home.

Sydney’s beaches and city nightlife appeal to visitors, driving demand for rentals, with competitive prices per night. This makes Sydney an attractive market for vacation rentals in Australia.

Median Occupancy Rate: 83%.

Average Daily Rate: AUD 291.

Number of Active Rentals: Around 2,800 properties.

Main OTA: Airbnb and

Popular Accommodations and Rental Size: One-bedroom and studio apartments in the city center.

An example of Australia vacation rentals in Sydney


Melbourne is famous for its dynamic street art, extensive coffee culture, and rich history in sports, hosting events like the Australian Open. Known as Australia’s cultural capital, it offers a blend of contemporary and Victorian architecture, thriving theater scenes, galleries, and lush gardens.

The city’s diverse culinary scene, bustling markets, and laneways contribute to its unique charm and appeal for visitors and locals alike. The city offers diverse vacation rental options, from trendy city apartments to cozy suburban homes, there’s an accommodation to fit every traveler’s needs.

Melbourne combines cultural experiences with modern amenities, making it a favored destination for those exploring Australia. Melbourne’s unique charm and variety of experiences ensure a memorable stay, whether it’s for a night or an extended trip.

Median Occupancy Rate: 76%.

Average Daily Rate: Around AUD 226.

Number of Active Rentals: Over 5,600 properties.

Main OTA: Airbnb.

Popular Accommodations and Rental Size: Modern apartments with one to two bedrooms in the Central Business District (CBD) and inner suburbs.

House rental data dy DPGO in Melbourne

Byron Bay

The town’s laid-back atmosphere, coupled with its natural beauty, makes it a popular choice for vacationers looking to unwind and recharge. From the energetic surf spots to the serene yoga retreats, and gourmet eateries serving organic dishes to lively music events, the town caters to a variety of tastes and interests.

Its natural landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for both adventure and relaxation, making Byron Bay an ideal location for a memorable vacation, and attracting a mix of travelers seeking both serenity and outdoor activities.

Median Occupancy Rate: 76%.

Average Daily Rate: AUD 399.

Number of Active Rentals: Around 2,200 properties.

Main OTA: Airbnb.

Popular Accommodations and Rental Size: One-bedroom boutique homes and three-bedroom villas.

House rental data by DPGO dynamic pricing in Byron Bay


This city is the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, offering a plethora of water activities like snorkeling and diving. Its tropical climate and lush Daintree Rainforest attract nature enthusiasts year-round. Its proximity to natural wonders makes it a magnet for tourists, driving the demand for vacation rentals.

Cairns is also known for its lively esplanade, filled with bars and restaurants, making it a perfect blend of natural beauty and urban entertainment. Its diverse activities attract a broad audience, from adventure seekers to relaxation enthusiasts, ensuring a varied clientele for rental properties.

Median Occupancy Rate: Average occupancy rate of 76%.

Average Daily Rate: AUD 257.

Number of Active Rentals: Over 2,600 properties.

Main OTA: Airbnb.

Popular Accommodations and Rental Size: One- and two-bedroom apartments in the city center and studio and one-bedroom rentals near the waterfront.

Australia price for vacation rentals in Cairns, Australia


Known as the wine capital of Australia, Adelaide boasts numerous vineyards where visitors can taste world-class wines. Its cultural offerings and scenic landscapes provide a diverse market for vacation rentals, appealing to both domestic and international tourists.

The city is also home to vibrant festivals, art scenes, and historical buildings, providing a cultural feast for visitors. Its spacious green parks and coastal location add to its charm, making it a peaceful yet lively destination.

Median Occupancy Rate: Occupancy rate averages 75%.

Average Daily Rate: AUD 243.

Number of Active Rentals: Around 800 properties.

Main OTA: Airbnb.

Popular Accommodations and Rental Size: Historic cottages and contemporary apartments with one to two bedrooms.

Check DPGO Markets to see how much a vacation home can bring in Adelaide, Australia


Known for its rich history and unique art scene, Hobart attracts cultural tourists and nature lovers. This city is rich in colonial heritage and natural beauty, from the historic Battery Point to the scenic Mount Wellington, creating demand for unique and quaint vacation rentals, from historic homes to modern apartments.

Hobart’s thriving arts scene, exemplified by the famous MONA (Museum of Old and New Art), offers an eclectic mix of old and new. The city’s waterfront provides stunning views and fresh seafood, enhancing its appeal as a serene getaway.

Median Occupancy Rate: Occupancy rate of 80%.

Average Daily Rate: AUD 210.

Number of Active Rentals: 900 properties.

Main OTA: Airbnb.

Popular Accommodations and Rental Size: Unique heritage homes with one to three bedrooms and modern lofts.

Vacation rental market data for Hobart in Australia


Boasting sunny weather, beaches, and an easy-going lifestyle, Perth is a city that offers relaxation and adventure. Its wonderful beaches and vibrant city life are popular among families and beachgoers, increasing the need for beachfront properties, family-friendly vacation rentals, and city accommodations.

Perth is also known for its scenic parks, vibrant markets, and outdoor activities. Its growing popularity as a tourist destination supports a healthy vacation rental market. Perth’s isolation contributes to its unique character, offering a blend of urban life and natural wonders, including nearby Rottnest Island.

Median Occupancy Rate: 81%.

Average Daily Rate: AUD 210.

Number of Active Rentals: Around 400 properties at the moment.

Main OTA: Airbnb.

Popular Accommodations and Rental Size: Coastal one-bedroom apartments and family-sized houses.

Invest in a pet friendly and family-friendly vacation home in Perth


As the gateway to the Outback and Kakadu National Park, Darwin offers unique wildlife and outdoor experiences attracting those interested in outdoor adventures and cultural experiences, thus driving demand for local vacation rentals.

Its multicultural community is reflected in its food, festivals, and art, providing a rich cultural tapestry. Darwin’s history, unique location, and tropical climate make it a distinctive Australian city with a laid-back atmosphere.

Median Occupancy Rate: 62%.

Average Daily Rate: AUD 167.

Number of Active Rentals: Around 800 properties.

Main OTA: Airbnb is the predominant platform.

Popular Accommodations and Rental Size: Waterfront one-bedroom apartments and traditional houses with two to three bedrooms are popular, catering to both adventure seekers and business travelers.

Vacation rentals in Australia

Concluding Insights on Australia’s Airbnb Investment Landscape

To sum it up, Australia’s distinct regions each contribute uniquely to the vibrant tapestry of the vacation rental market, presenting diverse investment opportunities. The distinct character and appeal of each city cater to a wide range of tourist preferences, supporting a dynamic and sustainable rental demand.

This multifaceted appeal underscores the potential for growth and profitability in Australia’s vacation rental industry, making it a compelling field for investors and property owners alike.

DPGO dynamic pricing tool helps to set the best prices for a vacation home

How DPGO can help?

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This strategic tool supports competitive market positioning, ideal for those entering Australia’s vibrant vacation rental sector. For a firsthand experience, sign up for a complimentary trial by clicking the banner.

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