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Sarasota, Florida emerges as Top STR Location in the US for February

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Everyone in the short-term rental industry knows that February is a bit of a slump month. The peak season is long over and Christmas and New Year bookings have finished and people are trying to save money after their expensive festive season. But there is some serious news coming out of Sarasota, Florida this month! 

Sarasota has not only overtaken Miami-Dade in the battle of the average Florida Airbnb occupancy rates. But it has overtaken every other Airbnb short-term rental location in the United States! 

You read it right – Sarasota, Florida is the county with the highest occupancy rate out of every county in the United States! What an achievement! The area’s occupancy rate from mid-February to mid-March is a whopping 84%. That is a full 24% higher than that of Miami-Dade and 39% higher than Los Angeles. 

Interestingly, most hosts in Sarasota (38%) have a minimum night stay requirement of between 7 and 29 days. Compare that with the 2-night minimum stay in Maricopa and the 1-night stay in Miami-Dade! This shows that Sarasota hosts are clearly making the most of the longer-term rental trend! This trend is featured on our list of forecasted Airbnb trends for 2021

The average daily rate in Sarasota is not doing too badly either with $180 per night. Again Sarasota beats Miami-Dade with $152, Los Angeles with $120, and Maricopa with $175. Just for information purposes, the highest average daily rate in the United States was Pitkin, Colorado with $651.

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