What is ‘Gap Night Stay’ Technology?

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Have you heard about our Gap Night Stay technology? At DPGO, we’re all about innovation. Whether it’s storming onto the market and offering better insights for less money, or diving deeper into Airbnb data than ever before, we love to mix things up! 

One of the things we’re most proud of is our Gap Night Stay technology. It’s iconic, honestly. We put our blood, sweat, and tears into this. Well, not actually, cause that’s yucky, but we did spend a healthy number of hours and burn through a more than healthy amount of coffee doing it. 

Why do we love it so much? That’s sort of like asking which of our children we love the most… OBVIOUSLY, the smartest one. Jokes aside, we love all of our innovations equally because they are all equally awesome.

What is Gap Night Stay Technology?

In short, Gap Night Stay technology is a funky bit of software that we developed to allow some flexibility in your minimum stay settings

Gap Night Stay technology will automatically lower your minimum night stay requirements for periods shorter than the specified minimum requirement in order to fill a gap in your calendar

Let’s put this in a real-life scenario. If John sets his minimum night stay requirement on DPGO as 4 days, but he enables Gap Night Stay technology, DPGO will configure his calendar to allow someone to book a three-night stay, if there is a three-night gap in his calendar. 

The main purpose of this setting is to manage your listing and facilitate a complete calendar of bookings. This technology does not interfere with your normal booking process, as it only lowers your minimum night stay requirements if there is a gap in your calendar. If there are no gaps, the technology will not make any changes to your minimum night requirements.

DPGO minimum stays

Does That Mean I Have to Allow Single Night Stays?

No, enabling Gap Night Stay technology does not mean that you will have to accept single-night stays. In fact, we already developed a plan for this concern because we created a subsetting that allows hosts to enable Gap Night Stay technology, but disable single night stays.

The Specifics

We understand that you may have some questions about this technology, so we wanted to get into the specifics and break down the details so you can fully grasp how useful this technology can be. 

First, let’s examine which intervals Gap Night Stay technology applies. Generally speaking, this technology only becomes relevant when your calendar has gaps in it. If those gaps are above your minimum night stay requirement, Gap Night Stay technology will do nothing. Our aim is still to secure you the longest bookings possible, and this technology is simply a backup plan to ensure those nights get sold. If your minimum night stay settings are blocking a potential booking, this technology comes into play. 

DPGO allows our users to set date-specific minimum night stay requirements. Gap Night Stay functionality does not apply to date-specific minimum night stays. Rather, it only applies to your global minimum night stay requirement. 

Before we explain how our algorithm prioritizes values, we must first explain how DPGO’s minimum night stay requirements work. We offer three modes of minimum night stay settings: general, time-based rules, and ‘day of the week’ minimum stays. Each one gives our algorithm more detail on how you want to run your minimum stay requirements. 

If you have manually set minimum stay requirements directly on your calendar, then these will be given the highest priority. To our software, time-based rules have a higher priority than ‘day of the week’ minimum stays. 


In Conclusion

The beauty of our Gap Night Stay technology is that it’s smart. It gives our pricing engine the freedom to optimize with its own deep-learning capabilities. Oh, you didn’t know that DPGO had deep learning capabilities? Well, it does and honestly, it’s one of the most amazing parts of our software! 

By including deep learning in our software development, we ensure that our pricing recommendations get better and better with time. So, with every confirmed booking optimized by a DPGO dynamic rate, our pricing tool learns the sorts of prices that your listing can handle. Of course, it generates this information at the start when you register, but it adds more detail.

Dynamic Pricing Tool for Airbnb Hosts

Get Started with DPGO

To benefit from Gap Night Stay technology and more dynamic pricing innovations from DPGO, create your free account today and enjoy the first 30-days on us! Visit www.dpgo.com now to get started!

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