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Hawaii Airbnb Numbers Up by Over 100%

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The total number of Airbnb properties in three major tourist areas in Hawaii has increased by over 100% in the last week! From March 29 to April 4, 2021, Maui had a total Airbnb room/unit count of 2,763. Honolulu had 1,563, and Kauai had 1,247. Then, our deep learning algorithm picked up a substantial surge in listings in these three areas. Maui jumped to a total of 6,121, Honolulu jumped to 3,547 and Kauai increased to 2,446. In percentages, Maui increased by 122%, Honolulu by 127%, and Kauai by 96%.

Airbnb started a large-scale marketing campaign at the start of 2021 to expand its host network in time for Summer. This started with the disbanding of the Airbnb Associates Program and has slowly increased in success.

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