Airbnb Badges: The Path to Boost Your Hosting Profile

Discover the power of Airbnb badges and how they can transform your hosting game. This comprehensive guide delves into the world of Airbnb's recognition system, explaining each badge's significance and how to earn them.
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Earning Airbnb badges is a game-changer. They’re not just shiny icons; they symbolize your hard work and top-notch hosting skills. Plus, they enhance your visibility and charm on the listing page, making you a magnet for guests.

So, nab those stars and badges. They’re like gold in the short-term rental game, helping you climb the ranks. These accolades, especially overall star ratings, build trust and draw guests to your cozy corner of the Airbnb community, confirming your status as an experienced host.

Ready to stand out? Dive into the world of Airbnb badges and transform your hosting into a shining example of success and excellence.

Understanding Airbnb Badges

Airbnb badges serve as a recognition of the host’s commitment to providing outstanding hospitality. These badges, awarded for various achievements, are a testament to a host’s ability to deliver consistent, high-quality experiences to guests.

The key Airbnb badges include:

  • Airbnb Superhost badge
  • Airbnb Guest Favorite badge
  • Supporter badge
  • Host Advisory Board Member badge
  • Community Leader badge
  • Airbnb Plus badge

Earning these badges helps hosts stand out in the Airbnb community, signaling to potential guests that they offer something special. They not only boost the host’s credibility but also can lead to more visibility and bookings on the platform.

Airbnb Superhost Badge

The Airbnb Superhost badge is a recognition of hosts who provide excellent hospitality, marked by positive guest reviews, responsiveness, and minimal cancellations. This status is not just a title; it brings tangible benefits like increased visibility, earning potential, and exclusive rewards.

To get the Airbnb Superhost Badge, you must meet specific criteria:

  • an overall guest rating of 4.8 or higher
  • a 90% response rate to guest messages within 24 hours
  • at least 10 stays or 100 nights hosted in the past year
  • a cancellation rate of 1% or less

These criteria ensure that only committed and high-performing hosts achieve and retain Superhost status. All hosts are assessed quarterly, ensuring that only the best of the best maintain this status. Despite the allure and benefits of being a Superhost, it’s crucial to focus on the underlying quality of service and guest experience to truly excel on Airbnb.

Achieving and maintaining Superhost status reflects a host’s ability to deliver consistently high-quality stays. For more detailed insights and tips on becoming and remaining an Airbnb Superhost, the criteria, and the associated benefits, you can refer to the resources provided by the Airbnb Help Center.

Airbnb Superhost Status

Airbnb Guest Favorite Badge

The Airbnb Guest Favorite badge is an accolade that recognizes the most-loved homes on Airbnb based on guest feedback from over half a billion trips. This badge appeared during the 2023 Winter Release, and is automatically updated daily and is shown on listings in the search results and on the listing details page to highlight quality and guest satisfaction.

Hosts don’t need to apply for the Guest Favorites badge; it is automatically granted based on a variety of factors such as:

  • overall star ratings
  • guest review feedback
  • check-in experience
  • cleanliness
  • listing accuracy
  • host communication
  • location
  • value offered
  • host cancellation rates
  • a minimum of five guest reviews​

If the criteria are met by your listings, guest favorite status will be applied. Nearly two-thirds of Guest Favorites are managed by Superhosts, indicating that exceptional hosting leads to higher guest satisfaction. However, the Guest Favorite badge differs from the Superhost status in that it is awarded to individual listings based on daily evaluations, while Superhost status is awarded to hosts at the account level and reviewed quarterly​.

Earning the Guest Favorite badge can significantly enhance a listing’s visibility on Airbnb, potentially attracting more guests and increasing booking rates. Hosts can improve their chances of receiving this badge by consistently providing exceptional service, maintaining high-quality listings, and proactively managing guest communications and expectations​.

Guest Favorite Badge Supporter Badge

The Supporter badge is an accolade given to hosts who actively contribute to the nonprofit, established to support people in need of temporary housing due to emergencies. Hosts can earn this badge by either offering free or discounted emergency stays through or by making recurring donations to the organization.

The Airbnb supporter badge is displayed on both the host’s profile and listing pages, symbolizing their generosity and commitment to helping others in times of crisis. While it doesn’t directly impact search rankings on Airbnb, the badge does contribute to building trust with potential guests and enhancing the host’s reputation on the platform., originally inspired by the generosity of Airbnb hosts, continues the work of the Open Homes and Frontline stays programs, providing emergency housing to refugees, asylum seekers, frontline workers, and others affected by disasters and emergencies. Since its inception, Airbnb hosts have opened their homes to over 100,000 people in need. Supporter Badge

Host Advisory Board Member Badge

The Host Advisory Board Member Badge on Airbnb is awarded to those who are part of the Host Advisory Board, a group of experienced hosts chosen to represent the host community. Members of this board provide valuable feedback and advice to Airbnb, influencing company policies, programs, and new products.

They are selected based on their contributions to the hosting community and their ability to represent the voice and concerns of Airbnb hosts. The creation of the Host Advisory Board was part of Airbnb’s effort. The main goal was to rebuild trust between the company and its hosts. This was important after critical decisions that affected the host community, such as during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The board aims to ensure that hosts have a formal voice in the company’s decision-making processes and can contribute to shaping the future of Airbnb hosting. Being a member of the Host Advisory Board, and thereby earning the badge, places a host in a prominent position to impact Airbnb’s host-related policies and initiatives.

To become a member of this esteemed board and earn the badge, hosts typically need to demonstrate significant engagement with Airbnb and its community. The exact criteria and selection process for the board membership can involve a nomination and review process, underlining the badge’s status as a mark of high honor and responsibility within the Airbnb ecosystem.

Host advisory board members are discussing guest favorites

Community Leader Badge

The Community Leader Badge on Airbnb is awarded to hosts who actively foster community spirit and engagement among Airbnb hosts in their local area. As Community Leaders, these hosts are responsible for leading local Host Clubs. They organize meetups (both virtual and in-person), and moderating online community groups, such as a local Facebook group for Airbnb hosts.

These activities help to bring hosts together to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge and experiences, thereby strengthening the local host community. Community Leaders selected by Airbnb, work closely with the platform to provide feedback, share stories, and represent the community’s voice, thus influencing and contributing to the broader Airbnb ecosystem.

They receive support from Airbnb in the form of:

  • engagement tools
  • insider access to news and updates
  • dedicated support from Airbnb Community Managers

This role is pivotal in building a sense of belonging and collaboration among hosts. What’s more, this makes the Airbnb network stronger and more cohesive. To become a Community Leader, hosts need to apply through Airbnb’s dedicated program, demonstrating their passion for and commitment to fostering community spirit and engagement.

The selection process evaluates the host’s ability to lead and contribute positively to the community. Only those who are genuinely dedicated and capable of making a significant impact are chosen for this important role.

An example of an active and engaged member of an Airbnb community

Airbnb Plus Badge

The Airbnb Plus program, which was aimed at highlighting listings of exceptional quality, comfort, and style, has been discontinued as of November 6, 2023. However, it’s worth understanding the legacy and benefits of the program for those who participated. Airbnb Plus was an invitation-only program that required listings to meet specific criteria, such as:

  • design quality and guest experience
  • demonstration of the host’s commitment to excellence

Hosts who were part of Airbnb Plus enjoyed increased visibility, premium customer support, and exclusive access to professional photography services. This helped to attract more guests and command higher prices. The Plus badge signaled to guests that the property was of high quality. It could justify higher rates and thus potentially increase the host’s revenue.

Although direct application to the program was not possible, Airbnb selected listings for Plus status based on these rigorous standards. Even though Airbnb Plus is no longer active, the focus on quality, guest experience continues to be crucial for hosts. The aim is to succeed on Airbnb or any other vacation rental platform.

Airbnb Plus Badge

Strategies to Earn and Maintain Airbnb Badges

Achieve badges by maintaining high ratings, consistent bookings, and excellent guest reviews. To earn coveted Airbnb badges like the guest favorite badge, focus on providing outstanding hospitality. It leads to high guest ratings and positive reviews. Consistent bookings are key, reflecting a desirable and well-managed listing. Ensure your property and service quality are top-notch to make a lasting impression on your guests.

Once you’ve earned your badges, it’s crucial to maintain the level of service and quality that got you there. Regular updates to your listing ensure it accurately reflects your offering, helping to avoid guest disappointment. Engage positively with guests throughout their stay and address any concerns promptly. It will help to keep your reviews stellar and maintain good standing with Airbnb customer service.

Leveraging Airbnb Badges and Dynamic Pricing for STR Growth

Eligibility for Airbnb badges can significantly enhance your host profile on the Airbnb website, instilling confidence in potential guests. These badges serve as a stamp of excellence, increasing your listing’s attractiveness on Airbnb and other sites, helping you achieve more bookings.

Utilizing dynamic pricing tools like DPGO can revolutionize your hosting performance, providing actionable insights to optimize your listings. DPGO adjusts your rental prices in real-time, leveraging market intelligence tools. This strategic approach not only maximizes your revenue but also enhances occupancy rates. This will help you to attract potential guests and become a community leader.

This combination empowers experienced Airbnb hosts to stand out in search results and attract more guests. As a result, you become not just a great host but a community leader, enhancing your profiles across Airbnb and vacation rental software platforms.

DPGO Dynamic Pricing Tool

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