Airbnb Host Advice: Writing the Best Listing Description

If you're stepping into the role of an Airbnb host, crafting an inviting and effective listing description is crucial. Let's get started and turn your listing into a guest magnet!
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If you’re an Airbnb host, you might want to pay attention! Setting up an optimized Airbnb listing is one of the best ways to give yourself a head start in attracting bookings. The pictures that you display and the words that you write on your profile are the first impressions potential guests see, and they should always encapsulate the essence of your space.

Now, we understand that not everyone is a writer, nor is everyone a photographer, but as a host on Airbnb, you can certainly write yourself a sensational description without needing a degree in journalism or three published novels on Amazon’s Best Seller list.

Team DPGO is made up of experienced hosts and real estate investors from around the world. We know what it takes to meet and exceed travelers’ expectations, make a success of your place on Airbnb, and grow your occupancy rates with better pricing!

Photography is Key

Before we start listing ways to optimize your description text, it’s important to first examine the more visual side of your listing: photography. The majority of people prefer more visual forms of content and will search through your listing pictures before they read your listing’s description.

It’s very simple: choose great images. Trust us when we say that hiring a photographer for your space is a small price to pay in comparison to the increased bookings you will receive as a result. Professionally-taken interior images look so much better than amateur ones, and Airbnb users want to stay in properties that provide charm and beauty. The app itself is oriented toward imagery over text, so why not take advantage of what Airbnb is showing you their users care most about?

Improve your hosting experience with professional pictures of your Airbnb

We live in the Instagram age; taking dark and dingy pictures on your iPhone simply isn’t going to handle the competition anymore. A professional photographer will come equipped with lighting, advice, and years of experience to ensure that the pictures of your house are the very best they can be.

They know how to manage less desirable aspects of a listing, like a small entrance hall or a slightly outdated bathroom, and instead capture the parts of your property that will attract guests in droves. Ever heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, it’s just as relevant now as it was when Henrik Ibsen coined the phrase back in the late 1800s.

This approach not only helps you keep up with other hosts but also aligns with regulations, enhances guest experience from the time they find your listing for booking until the time guests arrive, and sets a standard that feels like you’re welcoming a new family member each year.

Choose the Best Featured Image

If one image can speak a thousand words, make sure your featured picture is sensational. You risk losing bookings otherwise. Think about it — you have one chance to capture a potential guest’s attention. It’s your featured image that will make or break the deal. Select a picture that perfectly sums up the best feature of your space.

Does your pool deck offer a stunning ocean view? Is there a stand-alone bathtub in your bathroom? Does your kitchen look like it’s straight off a Pinterest board? Highlight the unique aspects of your house, and you’ll pique potential guests’ interest. Having a great featured image is crucial for hosting success. Don’t forget it!

Now that we’ve covered the photography conversation, let’s get down to writing the perfect Airbnb description!

Highlight the key feature of your property paying attention to details

Start with a Great Listing Name

Your listing name on Airbnb should hook users and tempt them to click on your page. Again, think back to the really unique and attractive qualities of your property, and also remember your ideal guest profile. Try to strike a balance between factual information and enticing description. Airbnb gives you 50 characters for your title, and it’s a good idea to use them all.

Ensure that the description you write is aimed at your target audience. For example, ‘Charming Stone Cottage with open fireplace in Whistler’ is better than ‘Whistler Mountain cottage’. Try to pack as much information as possible, while leaving room for descriptive words to entice visitors. Our first example ‘Charming Stone Cottage with open fireplace in Whistler’ includes location, a unique selling point, and aesthetic detail, all in the title!

Our second example ‘Whistler Mountain cottage’ is too short, not informative enough, and nowhere near enticing enough to encourage bookings. Consider the direction of your Airbnb hosting goals. Are you targeting adventurers in Canada, culture seekers in Italy, or beach lovers in Australia? Include elements in your title that resonate with these audiences. For instance, ‘Sunlit Venetian Loft near Rialto’ or ‘Surfer’s Retreat on Gold Coast’ directly speak to the location and the unique experience you provide.

Support your guests by answering potential questions in the title itself. This proactive approach shows that hosts understand what people are looking for when renting a vacation home. Remember, a well-crafted title not only attracts guests but also sets the tone for their entire stay.

Increase your booking rate by creating the attractive listing name

Stick to a Structure

Before you start writing your property description, try to create a rough plan of what you want to mention. Pre-planning will enable you to write a logical, succinct, and informative description of your listing. As an Airbnb host, it can be tricky to pick your favorite aspects of your property. However, it’s critical that you write your descriptions with purpose and planning.

Start with an introduction to the property as a whole, setting the scene for potential guests. Describe the welcoming atmosphere and share how your space makes people feel at home. Move on to a detailed description of each room, highlighting the kind of activities guests can enjoy. For example, mention if your kitchen is fully equipped for guests who love cooking.

Discuss the bed and bathroom configurations, adding how many people each bedroom accommodates comfortably. Highlight other unique features in the next paragraph, like a dedicated workspace or a child-friendly setup. End your description by listing local attractions and more information about what is available near your property.

People love small details, so if there is a great takeout place down the street or a park perfect for morning jogs, recommend it; your guests will appreciate your attention to detail! By sticking to this structure, you ensure that nothing important is left out, and you make it simple for guests to find exactly what they need to enjoy their stay.

Keep your Airbnb description structured

Know Your Audience

Any successful Airbnb host understands who they are marketing towards. Your prices, images, descriptions, and listing features should all be optimized to attract the type of guest that you’re aiming for. Higher prices in more exclusive areas obviously attract wealthier clients. But what about kids? Are families part of your target demographic? As an Airbnb host, you need to remember to include any kid-friendly details in your listing description!

Maybe your listing has a crib, or is located very close to a park where guests can take their children to play? Or perhaps one of the double beds can be separated into two singles. These are the details that matter to guests renting with families. By keeping your audience in mind, you ensure you include details that matter to them.

Keep it Short and Sweet

As previously stated, internet users gravitate more towards images than they do towards big blocks of text. Try to write a description that would convince you to stay at your own listing.

Some Airbnb hosts decide to set the scene in their descriptions – “Picture this: you walk back after a long day at the beach and the BBQ on the patio is calling your name. You open a bottle of wine and sit down under the twinkling lights above the outdoor dining table and tuck into a delicious meal. After dinner, you hop into a bubble bath and unwind after the perfect day. Curl up in bed with the Netflix remote and drift off to sleep. In the morning, the Nespresso machine is ready for you, and the sounds of the ocean chase all of your stress away.”

This description is great for several reasons:

  • It sparks desire in the reader

  • It details features of your listing

  • It includes location details

Even if you’re writing a description for an inner-city listing, include mentions of famous landmarks nearby, well-known restaurants, and unique property features. These could be electric shutters, concierge services, or panoramic city views. Set the scene in your description and show your potential guests what kind of hosting experience they can expect if they book with you.

A person is writing the best Airbnb listing description

Name Drop, Brand Wise

In your Airbnb listing description, make sure you mention any high-quality appliance brands that feature in your listing. If you’ve invested in expensive appliances, mention them in your listing description, even in passing. Here’s an example: “Sit in the reading nook with a Le Creuset mug of hot Nespresso coffee while you dive into one of the books from the living-room library”. 

Airbnb Host Tip: Name Drop the Expensive Brands you Use!

Use Image Captions

While this might not technically form part of your listing’s main description text, making use of image captions is a great way to show a potential guest that you have put real thought into crafting your listing. Be specific in your image captions, and don’t be afraid to show your personality! 

Here’s an awesome example of an image caption: “The master bedroom, perfect for lazy mornings and breakfast in bed”. Here’s an example of a bad image caption: “Bedroom 1”. The first option creates tempting mental images. While the second option does not inspire the reader to travel or to book your listing. 

As an Airbnb host, it is your job to make sure every aspect of your listing is optimized to encourage bookings. Optimization applies to pricing, just as much as it applies to the aesthetic look of your listing. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to having the perfect Airbnb description!

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