How Does Airbnb Aircover Help Hosts?

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Airbnb revealed Airbnb Aircover in May of 2022 and the vacation rental world collectively wondered what this new policy would mean for those working in the industry. 

The new policy from Airbnb was unveiled with fanfare and promised a whole new world. For guests, it’s an added protection to ensure that their interest (and their money) is safeguarded. For hosts, Airbnb Aircover is an added insurance policy against damage, lost income, and any guest injury claims. 

Of course, the intricacies of the policy are more complex, but the overarching definitions do well to communicate the basic principles of a policy that many believe Airbnb has introduced due to a growing level of host unhappiness. 

Airbnb has long since been plagued with rumors of hosts being unhappy with Airbnb’s response to their complaints. Unfair reviews are allowed to stand, payouts are slow, the Airbnb Resolution Centre usually acts in favor of the guests, and hosts are often put out by their experience. 

What is Airbnb Aircover for Hosts?

Airbnb Aircover has eight main pillars for hosts. Namely liability insurance, damage protection, pet damage protection, deep cleaning protection, income loss protection, a now 14-day filing window, quicker reimbursements, and finally, a faster track for Superhosts. 

Let’s explore each of them in slightly more detail: 

$1M in Liability Insurance

Airbnb has increased the liability insurance payout value to $1,000,000.00. Hosts can claim this if a guest is injured on their property. And if it has been proven to be an accident, rather than an instance of property neglect. 

$1M Damage Protection

This increased limit also applies to Airbnb’s damage protection payout. If a guest damages your property, you can claim compensation from Airbnb, provided that you can produce proof. You should still make use of a security deposit, however. 

Pet Damage Protection

Airbnb’s pet policy has been in the spotlight quite a lot over the last few years, and with good reason. Hosts wanted to know the difference between a service dog and a pet. In light of the eventual clarification, some hosts were left with pet damage and no way to claim any reimbursement. Well, not anymore under Airbnb Aircover!

Pet Policies

Income Loss Protection

If your property is damaged by a guest, and it will take time to fix the issue, you can now claim income loss protection from Airbnb. If you can provide proof of bookings that you have had to cancel, you can submit these to Airbnb and they will pay you for that lost income. 

14-Day Filing Window

Hosts often complained that the deadline to file a claim was far too short and as busy people, they needed more time. The new Airbnb Aircover policy means you now have 14-days to file your claim. This should give hosts more than enough time to get all of their quotes together, and their evidence, ready to present to the Airbnb Resolution Centre. 

Quicker Reimbursement

In this overhaul of previous operations, Airbnb is promising hosts quicker payouts. One of the complaints we hear most often from hosts is even if they get Airbnb to agree to pay out, the company is known for dragging its feet. 

Faster Track for Superhosts

Superhost status is seen as the pinnacle of Airbnb hosting. Although, some have asked why. Under these new parameters, Superhosts will be helped by a specially created priority line which should assist them in attaining help for their issues faster than normal Airbnb hosts. 

Dynamic Pricing Tool for Airbnb Hosts

So Is It Worth It?

All bookings now come with Airbnb Aircover so realistically, you get it whether you want it or not. There’s little reason for anyone to explicitly not want Aircover, but in our opinion, it all sounds very promising. 

Let’s hope that Airbnb can keep its word and ensure that these host promises are met.  Then Airbnb Aircover could seriously change the game! 

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