The Best Vacation Rental Podcasts for Hosts

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Podcasts have grown in popularity over the last few years. There’s a podcast that discusses just about every topic on the planet. From wedding planning to conservation, everything is a podcast. But what about vacation rental podcasts? There are lots of those too! 

We love listening to vacation rental podcasts. We’ve learned so much over the years from podcast hosts. There is no limit on the amount you can learn and the vacation rental process is a diverse industry. 

We wanted to share some of our favorite vacation rental podcasts and explain in more detail why we think they’re so great! 

Get Started with These Vacation Rental Podcasts

Shampoo & Booze

Shampoo & Booze is hosted by Ryanne and Jay, an expert hosting couple who take you along on their journey to discovering the secret to vacation rental success. Their podcast focuses primarily on renovating, furnishing, and managing rental properties. They also touch on navigating long-distance property management, which a very healthy percentage of hosts need!

Get Paid for Your Pad

The face behind the ‘Get Paid for Your Pad’ brand is Jasper and he knows more than a thing or two about vacation rentals. This podcast is filled with tips and tricks on how to run the most successful vacation rental possible. Jasper also sits down with hosts from all over the world and informs his readers on global hosting techniques.

Vacation Rental Success

Hosted by Heather Bayer, Vacation Rental Success is one of the best podcasts out there. Having written a book on managing successful vacation rental listings, Bayer interviews various industry professionals and real-life hosts to better understand every aspect of the hosting industry. She discusses everything from building email lists to preparing for the summer season.

The Holiday Let Success Podcast

The Holiday Let Success Podcast is hosted by Elaine Watt. Through her wonderfully entertaining podcast, Watt will help you increase your revenue, booking rates, reduce your costs, and save yourself some valuable time! Imagine running an optimized listing and the only change you need to make now is listing to The Holiday Let Success podcast!

The No BS Short-Term Rental Podcast

This podcast takes the discussion international with insights from hosts all over the world. Co-Hosts Mateo Bradford and John Stokinger take their listeners through current affairs, industry trends, OTA announcements, and new technological developments. Additionally, according to their Apple podcast page, the No BS podcast “brings the right people to the table at the right time giving their audience an inside view and real take on the industry like no other.”

Thanks For Visiting

Get your Airbnb advice directly from two Airbnb Superhosts! While Annette Grant & Sarah Karakaian both run uber-successful vacation rental properties, they are also listed as Superhosts on Airbnb. According to their Apple podcast page, “Annette’s extensive background in business operations and Sarah’s experience in high-end hospitality management and interior design make them a powerhouse duo that will deliver high-impact content.”

Short Term Rental Secrets Podcast

Hosted by Michael Sjogren and Emanuele Pani, “The Short Term Rental Secrets Podcast is dedicated to providing actionable content to help new and seasoned real estate investors launch, automate and scale their Airbnb business and fast track their journey to financial freedom.”

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