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In today's dynamic landscape of short-term rentals, staying ahead of the curve is not just about sprucing up your property or mastering the art of online listings. It's about becoming a part of a community, a collective of hosts and renters who share their experiences, insights, and advice on platforms tailor-made for Airbnb enthusiasts.
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Turning to others to help expand a mind is a practice as old as time. As a vacation rental host, joining a range of diverse Airbnb rental forums and communities is a fantastic way to expand your knowledge base and learn from others.

Have you ever heard the Warren Buffet quote where he pronounced, “it’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes.”? Dive deep into these forums, and you’ll find Airbnb hosts keen on helping other hosts avoid pitfalls and enhance their guest’s stay.

From detailed blogs penned by veteran hosts to simple Q&A sessions, there’s a wealth of knowledge waiting for you. And, if you’re ever in doubt, just remember that creating an Airbnb account and actively participating can be your first step in truly connecting with this vibrant community and elevating your hosting game.

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What Do Airbnb Rental Forums Offer?

At the heart of the bustling world of vacation rentals lies the vibrant Airbnb host forum, an epicenter of shared wisdom and experience. Airbnb Rental Forums, like all forums in general, offer Airbnb hosts and other vacation rental industry professionals a golden opportunity to discuss the nuances of their listings, interact with guests’ feedback, and delve deep into the intricacies of the managing experience.

Joining an Airbnb community forum isn’t just about asking questions and awaiting an answer. It’s about immersing yourself in a thriving community of property owners eager to share ideas and recount their own hosting journeys. Through detailed blogs crafted by other Airbnb hosts, you can discover innovative strategies to elevate your hosting game. And for those sticky situations? There’s likely a member who’s been there, done that, and has a solution at the ready.

Dive in, steer clear of overt self-promotion, and genuinely engage with other hosts. The value that such forums bring is immeasurable. The saying goes: “If you’re only learning from your own mistakes, you’re missing a beat.” With Airbnb Rental Forums, you can ensure you’re not missing a single note. We’d strongly recommend every host to become an active part of at least one of these forums. The lessons and connections you’ll find are truly invaluable.

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The Best Airbnb Rental Forums for Hosts 

We’ve been in the industry for a good long while and these are the vacation rental forums that we would recommend that you join:


Navigating the vast world of vacation rentals can be overwhelming, but that’s where the magic of community forums comes in. In our extensive time in the industry, we’ve compiled a list of forums that stand out not just for their content, but for the passionate individuals that make up their member base. One such platform is Quora.

Quora might not strike you immediately as an Airbnb hosts forum, but it’s a goldmine for Airbnb hosts looking to refine their experience. Its vast expanse houses a multitude of topics, and vacation rentals are no exception. Many hosts share their firsthand experiences here, providing invaluable insights on enhancing your listing, dealing with guests, and even sidestepping common pitfalls that come with the territory.

For the uninitiated, Quora operates in a Q&A format. Users set up an account, curate their profiles with relevant qualifications and interests, and dive straight into their chosen topics. It’s not just about asking questions; it’s about becoming a part of a community that thrives on shared knowledge.

Posts on Quora can range from sharing ideas on best practices for Airbnb listing to seeking answers on specific challenges faced by hosts. And the best part? Content quality is maintained through a system of upvotes and downvotes, allowing valuable answers to shine while discouraging irrelevant content.

Here’s a sample question we’ve seen that captures the essence of the Airbnb community forum on Quora: “I am starting to host on AirBnB. Does anyone have any tips or tricks they learned after being a host for a while?”

Venturing into such forums, you’re bound to discover a myriad of stories, and experiences from other hosts, all keen on elevating the collective entrepreneurs game. Don’t just stop at reading; post, engage, and answer, thus you become an active member of such ever-evolving communities.

Facebook Groups

In today’s digital age, one platform stands out as a remarkable hub for knowledge sharing and community engagement: Facebook. Among the myriad of communities it houses, there are several dedicated to Airbnb renting that are a treasure trove of shared experiences, helpful websites, blogs, and communities.

The Airbnb community forum experience on Facebook is unlike any other. From global groups that attract members from all corners of the world to hyper-local groups tailored for Airbnb hosts in specific states or regions, the spectrum is vast. Many hosts have turned these forums into their go-to places for discussing listing strategies, guest interactions, and even troubleshooting unexpected challenges.

Here’s a curated list of some of our favorite Facebook groups dedicated to Airbnb listings and vacation rental latest updates:

The Airbnb Superhosts

A vibrant community forum where seasoned hosts and newbies alike post their experiences, ask questions and celebrate their milestones.

AirBNB / VRBO / HomeAway / Short Term Rental Discussion

This group casts a wider net, encompassing multiple platforms and thus providing a broader perspective on the vacation rental industry.

Airbnb Plus & Luxe Hosts

Catering specifically to the upscale segment of Airbnb, this group delves deep into the nuances of managing high-end properties and discerning guests.

The Hosts of Airbnb Automated

A unique forum that touches on automation strategies in Airbnb services, offering interesting tools from the community members on streamlining operations and enhancing the guest experience.

Airbnb Professional Hosts

Geared toward individuals who have made Airbnb their primary business, this group is rich in advanced strategies, market analyses, and professional networking opportunities.

Whether you’re a seasoned Airbnb enthusiast looking for advanced strategies or someone just starting out, these Facebook groups have something for everyone. Create an account, jump in, and watch your Airbnb journey flourish like never before.

Take part in discussing interesing posts, leave comments shile reading blogs and feedback examples from guests.

Airbnb Community Center

Diving into the heart of Airbnb’s ecosystem, the Airbnb Community Center stands as a testament to the platform’s commitment to fostering a space for hosts to connect, collaborate, and communicate. As the numbers suggest—with over 1,281,348 members and an astounding 1,569,527 posts—it’s a bustling hub of activity where hosts from all walks of life converge.

Every platform has its unique set of challenges. While a Vrbo host might grapple with communication nuances, a host could be navigating the maze of dispute resolutions. These challenges underscore the importance of platform-specific forums.

There’s undeniable value in seeking advice from those who’ve walked in your shoes, especially on the same platform. The boards at the Airbnb Community Center serve as categorical focal points, designed meticulously to address every facet of the hosting journey:

Airbnb Hosting: A general discussion space where hosts swap stories, tackle challenges, and celebrate wins.

Help: Tailored for hosts seeking solutions or advice for pressing issues, this board acts as a real-time support channel.

Airbnb Updates: Stay on top of the latest platform enhancements, policy changes, and features here.

Tips & Tricks: Whether you’re looking for smart hacks to improve guest experience or innovative ways to spruce up your listing, this board is a goldmine.

Host Newsletter: A digest of Airbnb’s latest news, announcements, and essential information for hosts.

New Airbnb Host: Tailored for newcomers, this board offers guidance, mentorship, and a warm welcome to the world of Airbnb managing.

COVID-19 Discussions: Especially relevant in current times, this space addresses the pandemic’s implications on managing rental properties, safety protocols, and best practices.

In the ever-evolving world of short-term rentals, being a part of such a vibrant forum ensures hosts are always in the know, always learning, and always a part of a supportive network.

Helpful resources with different ctegories and interesting posts.


As one of the most famous forums in the world, Reddit offers individuals the chance to ask questions that could be seen by over 52 million active users worldwide, according to Oberlo. You can find answers to almost any question on Reddit.

Just type ‘Airbnb’ into the search bar and you’ll be taken to the main landing page. Here you’ll find news, user questions, trending stories, new developments and so much more to help you learn from your fellow hosts!

Airhosts Forum 

We previously did a blog post where we weighed in on some of the trending questions being asked on Airhosts Forum. Airhosts Forum is a great place to find really clever tips and tricks for how to avoid problems, fix issues, and boost your business’s success.

On Airhosts Forum, you’ll find questions about everything from linens to cleaning, review protocol and design tips to problematic guest warnings, and more. Do yourself a favor, and check Airhosts Forum if you have any questions about being an Airbnb host. You’ll find answers that you would never have thought of alone!


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