Upcoming Short-Term Rental Conferences in 2024

As the short-term rental market continues to expand, staying updated with the latest trends, regulations, and strategies is crucial for success, and attending vacation rental conferences can provide you with invaluable insights and networking opportunities.
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The Impact of 2024 STR Conferences on Hosts and Property Managers

As the vacation rental industry burgeons, short-term rental conferences become pivotal arenas for those steering vacation rental businesses. The VRMA International Conference and the STR Wealth Conference, for instance, are not mere gatherings but incubators for innovation, providing property managers with a deep dive into industry insights and property management systems.

These events, including the notable Vacation Rental World Summit, are crucial for vacation rental professionals seeking to navigate the sector’s rapid evolution and harness direct bookings strategies. These educational sessions and interactive workshops serve as conduits to master new regulatory challenges and technological innovations.

Learning From STR Leaders

In the whirlwind of daily operations, it’s easy to fall into familiar patterns. The perspectives you’ll encounter at these conferences, particularly from those steering the short-term rental industry, could be the catalyst you need. They may just spark the innovation that propels your business forward, transforming your strategy and opening new doors for expansion.

At the heart of vacation rental industry events, such as those hosted by Northwest Vacation Rental Professionals, is the opportunity to absorb key market participants’ strategies and gain valuable insights that could catalyze significant growth in your vacation rental property management.

Networking Beyond Business

Networking at short-term rental conferences can be a goldmine for vacation rental property managers. These interactions go beyond business, offering a chance to sow seeds of collaboration with short term rental hosts and industry peers.

It’s a space where property acquisition stories, successful property management anecdotes, and other strategies are shared. Remember, effective networking in the hospitality industry involves as much listening as it does sharing.

Brainstorming New Ideas with the Best in the Industry

The STR market is dynamic, requiring vacation rental professionals to stay informed about the newest trends. Vacation rental property owners and short term rental managers find that rental conferences, brimming with panel discussions from industry leaders, provide fresh perspectives that challenge and invigorate their own business practices.

Finding Potential Guests

These short term rental events are not just for learning and networking—they’re also platforms to showcase your vacation rentals to potential guests. Short term rental owners and property management companies can market their offerings to a captive audience, turning industry peers into advocates for their vacation rental business.

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2024 Short-Term Rental Conferences Calendar

NWVRP 2024 Annual Conference (April 29-30, Boise, ID)

This annual gathering focuses on networking and educational opportunities for professionals in the vacation rental industry. It covers a range of topics from property management innovations to regulatory challenges. Participants can expect to engage in workshops, panel discussions, and case studies designed to enhance operational strategies. This conference is a key event for anyone looking to deepen their industry knowledge and skills. More details and registration.

VITUR Summit 2024 (May 8-9, Málaga, Spain)

As one of the premier events in the European vacation rental market, the VITUR Summit provides a platform for industry leaders to discuss emerging trends and share best practices. The summit includes sessions on market analytics, guest experience enhancement, and legislative updates affecting the vacation rental industry. Networking opportunities abound, making it a must-attend for industry stakeholders aiming to expand their professional networks. Explore the VITUR Summit further.

The Book Direct Show (May 16, Barcelona, Spain)

This unique conference is dedicated to strategies for increasing direct bookings. This is crucial for maximizing revenue without relying on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). Through a series of educational workshops and keynote speeches, attendees will learn from top industry experts about the latest direct booking technologies and marketing tactics. The event is ideal for property managers and owners who want to take greater control of their booking channels. Learn more about The Book Direct Show.

VRMA Executive Summit (May 29-31, Boca Raton, FL)

Tailored for senior-level management in the vacation rental industry, this summit offers a strategic look at business development and market expansion. The event features in-depth discussions on leadership, financial management, and customer service excellence in the vacation rental context. Attendees will gain insights into long-term growth strategies and network with other executives. Visit the VRMA Executive Summit page.

Maximum Occupancy (June 5-6, Auckland, New Zealand)

Designed for hotel and accommodation industry professionals, this conference brings together over 50 experts to share insights on maximizing occupancy and enhancing guest satisfaction. With a combination of panel discussions, interactive workshops, and keynote presentations, attendees will explore new ways to drive bookings and increase profitability. The event is also a great opportunity for networking with key market participants from across the region. Details on Maximum Occupancy.

STR Summit by The Real Estate Robinsons (June 23-25, Denver, CO)

Engage with experts who have cultivated a $10 million STR business to learn about profitable off-market strategies and effective property acquisition. This summit provides actionable insights for serious investors and property managers aiming to expand their portfolios. Interactive workshops and networking opportunities with seasoned professionals are key highlights.

NoVacancy Expo & Conference (September 18-19, Sydney, Australia)

This event is one of the largest hospitality and accommodation gatherings in the Asia-Pacific region. It offers insights into marketing, operations, technology, and guest services. Attendees will benefit from product demonstrations, expert panels, and networking opportunities designed to provide solutions for modern challenges in the industry.

The Glamping Show (September 19-21, Stoneleigh, UK)

These shows focus on the booming segment of luxury outdoor accommodations. The hosts will get insights into the latest trends, designs, and business practices. Ideal for those looking to expand or establish upscale outdoor lodging options, to display products and gain networking opportunities with industry leaders. UK details.

The Glamping Show Americas 2024 (October 1-2, Aurora, CO)

Focusing on the growing trend of luxury outdoor accommodations, this event is perfect for those exploring the glamping sector. It features seminars on the best practices for setting up and running glamping sites, the latest in sustainable practices, and how to enhance guest experiences. Learn more about The Glamping Show Americas.

Vacation Rental World Summit (October 3-4, Porto, Portugal)

This summit brings together global leaders in the vacation rental industry. The main goal is to discuss the future of the market, digital innovations, and management techniques that enhance guest satisfaction and profitability. It’s an excellent opportunity for networking and learning from the best in the business. Visit the Vacation Rental World Summit site.

The Lodging Conference (October 7-10, Phoenix, AZ)

This premier event is known for its deal-making sessions and high-level discussions on hotel industry trends, investment opportunities, and management strategies. It attracts hotel owners, operators, presidents, and CEOs from around the globe. More about The Lodging Conference.

Scale Dubai (October 9-10), Scale Italia (October 29-30)

Part of the global Scale event series, these conferences focus on scaling operations in the STR field. Discussions on automation, technological integration, and strategic management also take place. Sessions aim to provide property managers with tools for efficiency and growth.

VRMA International Conference (October 14-17, Phoenix, AZ)

This comprehensive gathering covers a broad spectrum of topics relevant to vacation rental management. Expect in-depth sessions on policy, technology, and market trends designed to empower vacation rental professionals worldwide. Details on the VRMA Conference.

Scale UK (November 6-7, London, UK)

Specifically designed for property management companies looking to enhance their operations, this conference discusses new industry trends, business strategies, and the role of technology in growth. It’s a must-attend for those aiming to expand their influence in the STR market. Learn more about Scale UK.

The Phocuswright Conference (November 19-21, Phoenix, AZ)

Renowned for its focus on travel technology, this conference provides insights into distribution dynamics, innovative startup ideas, and strategic advancements shaping the tourism industry today. Phocuswright Conference information.

Urban Living Festival (Date TBD, London, UK)

This festival addresses the breadth of the urban living market, including short-term rentals, with a focus on innovations in urban property management and real estate development. Urban Living Festival details.

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Final Thoughts

By engaging deeply at short-term rental conferences, participants stand to transform their short term rental business, leveraging educational sessions for more direct bookings and adopting best practices that will elevate their presence in the independent lodging industry. Engage with these events to stay at the forefront of the short term rental industry’s dynamic changes.

As you refine your approach to the dynamic STR landscape at various industry events, tools like DPGO can be a game-changer for your vacation rental business. This AI-driven dynamic pricing platform adjusts prices daily based on real-time market data, offering personalized strategies, and detailed performance tracking. Sign up for a 30-day free trial and test the dynamic pricing system without immediate commitment.

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