How to Prevent and Handle Airbnb Neighbor Complaints

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As a vacation rental host, keeping your neighbors happy is one of the most complicated aspects of running a property. Cutting Airbnb neighbor complaints off before they start is a great strategy. 

Very few people would be happy with strangers constantly disrupting their peace. Cars moving around the clock, loud noises coming from adjacent properties, strangers staying so close to you – having an Airbnb as a neighbor can be tough if the situation is not managed sensitively.

What Are the Most Common Airbnb Neighbour Complaints?

While each situation is unique, there are some central themes that we see in complaints from neighbors. 


Loud noises are probably the most common complaint that we hear about, especially in apartment buildings. We all know the stress that is loud upstairs or next-door neighbors. It can disrupt your daily life and that’s a very fast route to a disagreement. 

If you live in a free-standing house in a quiet community, screaming kids, loud voices, slamming doors and constant comings-and-goings are also likely to start a big issue very quickly. 


Airbnb guest cars blocking neighbors’ driveways is a fast way to annoy your neighbors. Try to put yourself in your neighbor’s shoes: would you like your driveway blocked by strangers’ cars? 


Safety is also bound to be a concern for your neighbors. They’ve had no interaction with your guests before they arrive next door. They don’t know their story and they cannot be expected to feel safe. It’s important to remember that when you run a vacation rental property. 

How to Stop Complaints Before They Happen 

Later in the post, we’ll explain how to handle complaints from your neighbors, but first, let’s look at a few ways that you can fix the problem before it even happens. 

Uphold ‘No Party’ Ban

In June 2022, Airbnb announced that its temporary ban on parties was being codified into Airbnb’s usage policy. Parties in Airbnb rentals are now banned in every country that Airbnb operates. This ban started as a COVID-19 protocol and soon spread into something that neighbors of Airbnb properties loved. Of course, there will always be rule breakers, but this is exactly why Airbnb launched a hotline for neighbors to report parties. 

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Clear House Rules

Family neighborhoods, gated communities, condo estates, and apartment buildings all usually have codes of conduct. This includes music cut-off times, parking restrictions, and access limits. If your Airbnb guests break these community rules, you’re bound to get complaints. How do you inform your guests of these requirements? Your house rules! Make sure they are clear, concise, and firm. 

Clear Parking Instructions

A blocked driveway is a fast way to irritate your neighbors. Before they arrive at the property, send your guests’ clear instructions on where to park. If they are aware of where to part from the beginning, there is a far lower chance of them accidentally annoying your neighbors. 

Use Sensors & Other Technology

What’s worse than two strangers? Twenty strangers. Make sure that you have your listing equipped with sensors that detect things like noise and guest count. This enables you to remain completely aware of what is happening inside your property. 

How to Handle Airbnb Neighbour Complaints 

It’s almost impossible to please some people and one of those people might just be one of your neighbors. So, if any issues do arise, here’s how to handle them. 

Your Neighbor Suspects A Party is Happening in Your Listing

First off, thank them for calling to let you know. Next, assure them that your sensors have not detected anything out of the ordinary but you will call the guest to check-in. Make it clear that if they are right and there is a party, you will cancel their reservation with immediate effect and call the police for good measure. Apologize for the fact your neighbor was disturbed and endeavor to do better in the future. 

Your Guests Have Parked in a Prohibited Area

Apologize to whoever it was notified you of the issue. Call your guests and ask them to immediately move their vehicle to the stipulated space that you informed them they must park. 

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Your Guests Have Left Garbage Outside the House

Random garbage bags can attract rats and once rats get into an area, it’s impossible to get them out again. Call your guests and calmly explain that they will need to walk their garbage down to the dumpster, as was explained in your house rules. 

Your Guests Have Damaged Your Neighbor’s Property

This scenario is everyone’s nightmare. Start with a heartfelt apology, explain that you will pay for whatever your guests have broken to be repaired and, just to be safe, assure your neighbor that you will never allow these guests to book your listing again. Once the dust has settled, take your neighbor a basket of muffins or a pie to once again apologize for their trouble. 

Your Guests Have Checked-In With Too Many People

While your neighbor won’t know how many guests the reservation stated, they will be able to tell that someone is off if 5 cars and 30 people arrive. Check your sensor data to confirm. Once you are sure that there are too many people in the house, call your guest and explain that they paid for a certain number of guests and that they are currently well over that limit. 

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