Market Supply
The average number of bookable listings in your local market from the past seven days.
Occupancy rate
The percentage of nights booked in your local market over the next 30 days.
Day of the week Occupancy
The average occupancy rate for each day of the week in your local market.
Rental Type & Growth
AVG. Daily rate
The average income earned by a host per night booked in your locale in the next 30 days. (ADR)
Day of the week price factor
The 28-day average price for each day of the week in your local market.
Minimum Night Stay
Market Trends
An overview of the projected 52-week market dynamics, based on our key market indicators.
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Health Score
You’ll easily be able to see your listing’s overall health score, which in turn will help you identify which areas can be improved.
Pricing strategy metrics with comparative capabilities to show how your listing measures up against your closest competitors, as well as AI-driven pricing recommendations.
Supply & Demand
A complete picture of availability, bookings, events and custom rates as well as a full calendar of prices for the year ahead.
Detailed earning statistics and the forecasted profits of your listing, which can be compared to that of your competitors and the broader market average.
Occupancy Rate
A review of your previous, current and forecasted occupancy rates. This insight is especially useful for trend identification and can inform your base pricing rules.
Bookings & Cancellations
Insights into recent bookings and cancellations that will help you identity both possible pros and cons of the booking process.
LOS and Lead Time
Analysis of stay duration and lead time gives you the best insight to why optimizing your prices to attract longer stays and last-minute bookings is critical.
A comprehensive overview of the amenities that your listing offers, and the amenities offered by rival property listings in your area.
Plus many more insights
Our software offers users a range of additional insights to help them optimize their vacation rental pricing strategy.
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