Market Supply
The average number of bookable listings in your local market from the past seven days.
AVG. Daily rate
The average income earned by a host per night booked in your locale in the next 30 days. (ADR)
Day of the week price factor
The 28-day average price for each day of the week in your local market.
Minimum Night Stay
Rental Size
Market supply by number of rooms.
Occupancy rate
The percentage of nights booked in your local market over the next 30 days.
Day of the week Occupancy
The average occupancy rate for each day of the week in your local market.
Rental Type
... and Dozens of other metrics for your local market
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Nightly Rates
Cancellation Policies
Base Number of Guests
Occupancy Rate
Market Pacing
Revenue and RevPAR
Length of Stay
Lead Time
Bookings & Cancellations
and more...
Frequently Asked Questions
What services do you offer? Do you sell targeted market data?
DPGO is a dynamic pricing tool for Airbnb hosts, vacation rental owners, and short-term rental managers. Our AI-driven software analyzes over 200 market data parameters and increases your occupancy rates by up to 90%. Currently, we do not sell data and our insights are only visible to our dynamic pricing users.
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How much more can I earn?
DPGO can increase revenue by up to 90%. Simply sign up for free, connect your Airbnb account and we'll review your listing's performance and show you how well you're earning in comparison with the greater local market. We'll also create a revenue forecast for the next calendar month as well as pricing updates for 52-weeks in advance.
Is it possible to do market analysis without connecting Airbnb listing?
Yes, you can analyze your target area on our Markets page without registering and connecting your Airbnb account. To get a more detailed report on the market and efficiency of your listing, register for free and connect you Airbnb listing.
Can I use DPGO to help me identify which STR property to invest in?
It depends on what metrics you are looking for. You can find some limited market data for the areas you are interested in. There’s a free report for each city showing some overall information. If you'd like to see a more detailed statistics, you should link your AirBnb listing which will be compared to the market in greater detail.
Do you analyze VRBO market and manage VRBO listings?
Not yet. At the moment, we only offer dynamic pricing for Airbnb listings. Leave your contact details in our Live Support chat and we'll let you know when we launch VRBO support.
How do I list a property on Airbnb?
Click here to set-up and publish your listing on Airbnb. Once your listing is live, connect your Airbnb & DPGO accounts and we will automate and optimize your pricing.
Where can I see a step-by-step guide on how to use your pricing tool?
Please visit our help page.
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